Unterer Damm 15
78567 Fridingen/Donau

Tel. +49 7463 -307


Dear Business partners,

we herewith would like to inform you that we have ceased the manufacturing and distribution of our surgical instruments and medical products.
You can still contact us at:
e-mail: info@schreibergmbh.de
Tel : 0049-7463-307

Surgical instruments and medical products can be purchased from the company AS Medizintechnik. The contact details are:
AS Medizintechnik GmbH                
Sattlerstraße 15  
78532 Tuttlingen
e-mail: info@as-medizintechnik.de
Tel: 0049-7461-966 326
homepage: www-as-medizintechnik.de

The company SISmed continues the distribution of SWANN-MORTON scalpels and blades.
The contact details are:
SISmed GmbH
Unterer Damm 15/1
78567 Fridingen
e-mail: info@sis-med.de
Tel: 0049-7463-2672525

The Schreiber family would like to sincerely thank you for the many years of pleasant and trusting cooperation. We wish you further success in your business and also your private life.

Karl-Heinz Schreiber


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